VISTAS: An awareness of a range of time, events, or subjects. A broad Mental View.

Within the Mists

The fog surrounded her, encompassing her image, darkness prevailed, only a shadow. No not a shadow, a shape, full of mystery and intrigue. Sounds filled the air, the brook near by burbled, a soft melody. The trees stood in near silent testimony, only shifting, restlessly in the breeze, Listening intently as she walked slowly through the mists.

Only the night creatures of the woods watched her journey. An eerie moon lit her path. She did not see them, but felt their presence all the same. She felt the cool, damp mist upon her face as she continued to walk aimlessly through the deep fog, her thoughts stuck in another place another time.

When was it? Levin had been there as had Lance. A frown crosses her face as she tries to recall the faces that shared the day. Marly, Ayla, Graham, had been present as well as Tomas. Who else? Her footsteps falter then stop. She peers through the fog, looking searching for the missing face. Knowing it holds the answer, the key to her thoughts. The key to her peace.

They had been laughing. Soft lute music had been playing, coming from some unseen source. The music had held her in it's embrace, caressing her body. The room was filled with the scent of? Of what? Straining to recall Faces, the conversation, the smells of the day, that particular scent, she sinks slowly to the damp ground.

Her rough woolen dress surrounds her bare legs, warming them. Her eyes close trying to remember. He had been there. Her body shudders and grows warm at the remembrance.