VISTAS: An awareness of a range of time, events, or subjects. A broad Mental View.

On the Edge of Forever

She was crying, he could tell without even seeing her face. her body shook with each silent sob. He stood silently at a loss of what to do. His heart reached out to the unknown lady, wanting to comfort her, and dry her tears, still her sobs, and remove her pain. He watched longer, giving her time, before approaching, as of yet she was unaware of his presence.

Her body stiffened, he knew she was finally aware of him being there. He could see her wiping at her eyes. trying to compose herself before turning to greet him. Clearing his throat he spoke first, "Mam?" Damn his voice sounded like he had swallowed a cupful of gravel, he cleared his throat again, "Mam, I was wonderin if you could help me, I'm looking for a Miss Hollinsworth, and the folks down in town said you'd be her?"

Liza Hollinsworth was a stunning beauty, even if her eyes were swollen and red, her hair strewn across her cheek. Even in the rag of a dress she was wearing, Garrick could only stare, yes she was a beauty indeed, but there was something more, something that wanted him to go to her, to comfort her, to hold her and never let her go.

"Yes, Sir. I am Miss Hollinsworth" She managed to finally whisper, jarring him back to reality. "Why are you looking for me?"

"Well mam." Dang that gravel was back in his throat again, clearing it before speaking again. "Well mam, Mr. Hollinsworth sent me searching for ya." Damn he didn't want to tell her what for, this was going to be a lot harder than he expected. He had seen the anger spring to her eyes at the mention of Mr. Hollinsworths name. No sirree this wasn't going to be the easy job he had expected.

Liza quickly turned away. She felt like someone had punched her in the stomach. How in T tarnations had he found her. She never wanted to hear Josiah Hollingworth's name again, and she thought she had solved that problem by hiding here on the cliffs. Once again the storm was coming, she could feel it deep inside of her. All the pain and sorrow raising again.

"What does Father want with me this time Sir!"

"Well mammm" Garrick stammered out, thinking fast at how he was going to give her the news he had come to tell her. "Your father did not send me. I come to deliver a message from your brother, mam."

Her face turned ash white, tears sprang to her eyes. Garrick took a step closer thinking she was going to faint. Then the fire came to her eyes. "YOU LIE, YOU LIE" She screamed. "My brother is dead!! I was there I know he is dead and it's my fault that he is. Leave me be, leave me be! How could you be so cruel? Why are you doing this to me!