VISTAS: An awareness of a range of time, events, or subjects. A broad Mental View.

Chatroom Lover

Reese Clark

The pains of life
Brought her to the net,
Friends to make
Hurts to forget.
All life’s woes

She escaped life unkind
The screen and keyboard
To hide behind.
A life of dreams
Every night in chat
A world she built
Where she was happy at.

Friends and family
She made each day
One push of a button
They’d fade away.

A new arrival
Entered one day
Full of hurt and sorrow
In all he’d say.
Her happy heart
Embraced him wholly
Love’s sweet strains
Were playing fully.

New life of hope
Lit her eyes each night
As they spoke of love
A future of delight.
The world he promised
To deliver his love
The moon and stars
The sky above.

Then one night, two nights,
He stayed away.
More and more
She watched with dismay.
Her love, her heart
Did not arrive

With breaking heart
Her eyes did dry.
The life she built
Had failed her too.
No life was left
To build anew.
Chatroom gone,
Reality dry,

Her eyes no longer
Had tears to cry.
Now you’re gone
No word you gave
No hope, no dreams
Her soul to save.

You took it all
From her wounded heart
She made her choice
And now depart.

© By Reese Clark April, 2003
Permission of the Author to Publish on this Site Granted