VISTAS: An awareness of a range of time, events, or subjects. A broad Mental View.

Who Are We


We are who we were from the time we were born,
What lies within us has all taken form,
Our path was mapped since the day of our birth,
It takes years to discover our true self worth.

Some have enjoyed the roads they have taken,
While others in life feel they're forsaken,
We all search our hearts to find who we are,
Our intricate minds may take us too far.

Are we that complicated that we really don't know?
While we watched in horror as we ran our own show,
Making mistakes and the same one's twice,
Was it going to be easy while we paid the price?

When we begin, our road is so straight,
Not a curve can be seen but we'll cast our own fate,
Let the journey begin but don't take my hand,
For I'll lead you a path where it's desolate land.

We will make our decisions some bad and some good,
Sometimes we'll wonder if we're misunderstood,
For there will be many who question our choice,
They will all let us know with a resounding voice.

We live through our young years not giving much thought,
At the number of people we left feeling distraught,
We were reckless and free not a care in the world,
Our actions were like little boy's and little girl's.

We decided to marry and make all our vows,
Failure then met us and destroyed them somehow,
For some married once, and others far more,
Then soon we learned how ourselves to deplore.

We ask many questions and the answers we seek.
Trying to find them within will just make us weak,
For there are no answers to the questions we ask,
Our lives were mapped out, let's forget all our past.

~valentyne~ 04/29/02 ©
Permission of the Author to Publish on this Site Granted