VISTAS: An awareness of a range of time, events, or subjects. A broad Mental View.

The Old Violin

Jeannette E. Smith

The old violin had been placed on the shelf, twenty some years ago,
No tune found it's way, from the bow and the strings,
Why it was, no one seemed to know.
The old fellow who owned it, played it so well, that people would gather around,
And listen for hours, enjoying each tune, captivated with awe and spell-bound.

Then one night the old fellow played something new, a tune no one had heard,
It's sad, haunting melody, rang through the night,
Then he sang out these strange, few words...
"This old violin, will never be played, from this day forever on,
I'll put it away, this very day, and never more play a song."

The folks all wondered, what happened that night,
As the old fellow hung up his bow,
He moved from the town, that very night, to where, no one seemed to know.
Then recently, someone discovered a note, written on that same day,
The old fellow played, his final tune, and put his music away.

The note explained, that his young son, gave up his life for his friend,
In a war far away, a hero that day, fought to the bitter end.
The mystery was solved, as the note was read, and now the story lives on,
For we know, why the old fellow's heartstrings were broken,
And he played his final song.

Reprinted and Published with Permission
©Jeannette E. Smith, May 18, 2002