VISTAS: An awareness of a range of time, events, or subjects. A broad Mental View.

Not Alone

Anthony Maio

A man in sadness leaves his home
His only sound his heart's slow beat.
The world is large, yet he's alone.
His only sight his lagging feet.

He kneels upon the sun parched sand,
counting ev'ry lonesome grain.
He sees it run through grasping hands
He frees the tears he can't contain.

Who cares for his lonely thoughts?
Who can hear his mournful cries?
Where's the love that he had sought?
Who knows his poor soul has died?

A gentle breeze then stirs the air
and cools his sorry, burning cheek
rustling through his matted hair,
whisp'ring secrets to the weak.

and sneaking light down through the clouds,
the sea becomes a light blue
He turns and shouts a name aloud,
feeling something in him new

A cold gust travels to his face
as cross the sea his cold eyes tear
His heart, now woken, starts to race
yet turns away, for no one's there

Then speaks a voice, as in a dream
Again he peers into the mist
wanting to set free a scream,
Unclenching his two tightened fists

Again he turns t'wards shining glass
and scans a landscape glowing red
'Till near a rocky overpass
he watches someone float ahead.

Looking deeper as he stares
praying sight down not deceive
He swears he sees familiar glares,
through thick fog o'er open seas

A warmer wind brings arcane thoughts
A figure sails atop the waves
Unearthly angel Heaven brought
to Earth to find this soul to save

He never saw her transient face
nor blest with tough her gentle brow
He simply watched her fade like grace
as longs as pure faith would allow

He turns his back to taunting tides,
strangely lacking normal grief
For something of him's changed inside,
dispelling former disbelief

And as he walks away he smiles
while shivers ripple 'cross his skin
For now he understands his trials
and now he knows that he can win

Pacing in the friendly sang
he barely feels the pain is gone
And looking 'cross the lush, green land
He bears his tears of joy to dawn

The groggy sun brings clouds to blush
while shining down bright lights of truth
and ope'ning flowers in it's rush
to lure from trees their luscious fruits

He set upon his path back home
and though his angel must ascend
He knew that he was not alone.
He knew that they would meet again.

© 1998 Anthony Maio
Permission of the Author to Publish on this Site Granted