VISTAS: An awareness of a range of time, events, or subjects. A broad Mental View.

The Fairy Tale

Richard Merte

Once upon a time
The fairy tale begins
It tells the story of a knight
Doing heroic things

Galloping off on his white steed
risking his life to do the deed
Fighting the foe at every turn
Hope and praying that he might learn
The secret of winning the yearned-for prize
The lady with the sparkling eyes

But now the knight he fights no more
He's left behind those deeds of yore
Returned to being just a man
Seeking out God's master plan

Yearning for his lady still
Knowing she'll come of her own free will
Not because of deeds he's done
Not for the battles that he's won
But for seeing his true heart
Knowing she must play her part

Her own battles she must fight
On her own begin the flight
And with her battles finally won
She'll join him in the setting sun

And he will be a knight no more
Fighting as in the days of yore
And she will be no pretty flower
Locked away in her high tower

They'll be friends as friends should be Living life forever free

© 1997 Richard Merte
Permission of the Author to Publish on this Site Granted