VISTAS: An awareness of a range of time, events, or subjects. A broad Mental View.

Slow, Slow, Fresh Fount, Keep Time with My Salt Tears

Ben Jonson

Slow, slow, fresh fount, keep time with my salt tears;
Yet slower yet, oh faintly gentle springs:
List to the heavy part the music bears,
"Woe weeps out her divison when she sings."
Droop herbs and flowers;
Fall grief in showers;
"Our beauties are not ours":
Oh, I could still,
Like melting snow upon some craggy hill,
Drop, drop, drop, drop,
Since nature's pride is, now, a withered daffodil.

--from Cynthia's Revels

In Cynthia's Revels, the nymph Echo sings this pretty echoic song for Narcissus, metamorphosed into a flower related to the daffodil. (Note that: "division" is "subdividing one long note into several shorter ones.")