VISTAS: An awareness of a range of time, events, or subjects. A broad Mental View.

How Sweet I Roam'd from Field to Field

William Blake

How sweet I roam'd from field to field
And tasted all the summer's pride,
Till I the Prince of Love beheld
Who in the sunny beams did glide!He show'd me lilies for my hair,
And blushing roses for my brow:
He led me through his gardens fair,
Where all his golden pleasures grow.
With sweet May dews my wings were wet,
And Phoebus fir'd my vocal rage;
He caught me in his silken net,
And shut me in his golden cage.
He loves to sit and hear me sing,
Then, laughing, sports and plays with me;
Then stretches out my golden wing,
And mocks my loss of liberty.

Blake's Poetical Sketches (1783) consists of poems written from Blake's adolescence, in some cases as early as 1769. Of Blake's poems on this website, this song is the earliest.