VISTAS: An awareness of a range of time, events, or subjects. A broad Mental View.
December 1

Snowman in front of a little chalet
Mouse drawn by B. J. Carper
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Missed work today, slept for most of it, cause I just don't feel well.


The Bird says we have to have a real tree, but yet I am hesitant to get one, heck the kids are never here, and I am never downstairs so I really see no reason to even have a tree let alone a live one. I wished I could find that Christmas spirit I once had, one where I looked forward to the day, the expressions of love shared, the gifts given, and the laughter shared with someone else


sometimes I get a bit frustrated with this dog, she always wants to play tug, or toss, or hop, and she barks when I won't give her the pop bottle to chew on, even when it's full...I've taken to hiding it in an oven mitten so she can't see it until it is empty....on the other hand she has brought a lot into my life. she forces me to go outside and walk. so she can do her business...tonight when I was walking her. I noticed the sky was so clear...the stars so bright. and then I thought that you can see them same stars, and I wonder if you know that at any given time on a night such as this we could be looking at them at the same time and thinking the same thoughts...but again I guess that can't really happen because you never think of me, but I always think of you.

don't ever forget the last line


I'm happy that the silence didn't last, I was so scared that I had messed up by asking the last question I had asked. I know not to every ask it again, and when the time is right then maybe I will see the sky in your eyes once again. but if not then it is the will of God and the way things will be and I have to accept that, even if I don't like it.


In my dreams I have a hand to hold
I have someone to share my laughter with
I have someone to wipe my tears
but only in my dreams


Somewhere in the days that have passed I look and wonder how I have endured as long as I have and how I will continue through the tomorrow, I'm sure as long as I have someone there to hold my hand and cover my back I'll be fine, however when i don't I shall feel small and very insignificant.


We dance in circles through life
The ups, the downs, always come around


Ships passing at sea
is what you told me
Our paths crossed
but more was lost
You said good-bye
I questioned why


Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.
- Bill Gates -