VISTAS: An awareness of a range of time, events, or subjects. A broad Mental View.
November 28

Lamp Post
My Light will Always be On


Almost 11-0

Well it’s almost midnight and the game is almost over it appears that the Colts will win, but lordy I’ve held my breath all day waiting for the final second to tick off the clock.


why do you come to read my thoughts when there are no thoughts here? why do you feel you must constantly stay in my head, haunting me, I'm trying to move forward, to forget, but never stop believing. I'm trying to hide the memories, store them safely inside of myself but yet never stop believing. Can't you just leave me alone? Isn't it bad enough that when I see the stars I remember? When I see the changes in the moon I remember? When I hear that song I remember, When I sleep at night I see those eyes, the truth and the lies in them, Can't you stay out of my thoughts, written here, and only haunt my mind? Can't you?


the craziness this year wasn't as crazy as years past, the day drug, and finally passed, and was gone


the calm before the storm is how work seemed today, for tomorrow I know it will be total insanity. now that the work day is over and I prepare for the meal and the family, I find that I'm just plain tired. and when that happens I think too much about things I shouldn't and things I couldn't and things I wouldn't normally do.


tears that never dry
years to cry
but never good-bye


When will I find happiness?


Setting sun
Bring to me the secrets answer
I cannot foresee
Bring to me the secrets answer
I cannot perceive
Bring to me the secrets answer
I cannot believe
Bring me the secrets answer
Love I want to receive
Oh Setting Sun


In the searches of the un-findable
The conclusion is how do others and why can't I?


The public will believe anything, so long as it is not founded on truth.
- Edith Sitwell -