What does Validation mean?
Why do I consider my Awards to be My Validation?

I have always worked hard to 
maintain a certain integrity here
at the Vistas.  To make it informational,
interesting, and enjoyable to visit.

For Me to receive an award from 
those that I Admire and Respect 
is such an honor for me.  It Validates
that the work, sweat and tears I 
have poured into the Vistas has
not been in vain.

Thank You to Those who have honored me with these Awards.


Received May 1st  2002
From Angels of Compassion

Along with this award I also received another honor that was something I never dreamed of receiving.  I have come to realize that I am loved by this wonderful and caring group that the Lord has blessed me with knowing.   Angel of the Month Honors were also bestowed upon me, at the same time as receiving the Site of the Month Honor.  Needless to say I was left speechless, but felt so blessed and honored to have been given such a recognition.  Thank You so much to Lady Elina and all of the Fantastic Angels at Angels of Compassion.

As with the above awards this one below is such an honor for me to receive.  Knowing it was came from the Hearts of My fellow Angels means even more to me..

Received April 30th 2002
From Heaven's Angels

Received December 2d, 2002
from Heavens Angels

Thank you so much to all of the Angels
for voting the Vistas as the Excellent Site of the Month
For November 2002
What an honor this is.

They say the greatest Gift is a Thank You
and I must agree for this first Award here was a Gift from a Gift.
It is very near and dear to me for the love that was shown to me
by the originator and the designer as well.

A Very Special Gift from a very Special Friend

**This was a very special page that was made for me by Angel Koala, and Angel LauraAnn,  unfortunately topcities, lost the page and it is lost to me forever..this makes me very sad.

May 2d 2002
I received Notice that Lady Elina had nominated the Vistas
to Become an Honored Guest at Camelot's Gala Event.
For the Period of May 1st to May 15th 2002
Thank You Lady Elina for  Being My Friend

words seem so inadequate to express the value of these awards
thank you just does not express how much they have touched my heart
but it is all that I can Express in this Format
Thank You so Much My Friends

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